What is boudoir photography?

Boudoir is an old word, dating back to the Victorian era and it was used to mean a lady's bed chambers, or suite of rooms. Boudoir photography is meant to capture a woman's femininity and to be between herself and her significant other.  However it is also done to boost a woman's self confidence or to celebrate a milestone in her life.  More often, boudoir photography is done as a gift to a significant other.

Boudoir Photography should be sophisticated, classy and elegant. 

Where do you shoot boudoir sessions?

Sessions are done by appointment in our private studio, your home and on occasions, at a modern or boutique hotel suite.  Shooting on location will often require additional fees.


Your privacy is held with the greatest respect.  Your images will never be accessible to the public without your consent.  Permission is always obtained before an image is used for the website, blog or print portfolios.  The only people at your session will be those you bring, myself and possibly a female assistant.

How far in advance should I schedule my session if it is a gift?

The more time in advance the better.  I recommend 6 weeks before the gift is needed.  Quality takes time.

What to bring?

You will want to bring several lingerie and clothing options to choose from during the session.  Lingerie is not provided.  Any additional props you would like to bring are always welcome. If your needing a little inspiration see the clothing and prop suggestions.

Who to bring?

in past experiences I've found that guests usually make us feel more self-conscious and create distractions.  Most women relax and photograph much better without an audience.  However you may bring someone if it makes you more comfortable.

What if I'm not as thin as I would like?

You are gorgeous just the way you are!  We'll show your true beauty, emphasizing your best features while minimizing the features you may not be as comfortable with. I want you to view your images and feel incrediibly beautiful, because you are!

Will my images be retouched?

Yes, your images will be professionally retouched.  However, good lighting and posing will take care of some of those issues we all worry too much about.

Do you provide makeup?

Hair and makeup can be included as an add-on for $175